Revery Charity

Donation flow for Charity

UX Designer
Revery Charity is a charity website where it list charity from different parts of world under different categories. This website helps donors and charity organization connect, schedule donation and provide detail campaign information to users.


People like to donate for a cause or charity but they get really confuse where to donate. People often are too skeptical if the cause is legit.


  • The goal of this website is to catalog charity causes
  • Provide maximum information needed for donor to select the cause to donate
  • Easy filtering and product search options
  • A easy donation flow that have feature of recurring donation

Pain Points

Pain point 1

Legit info

People need legit info on causes and organizations

Pain point 2

Selecting cause

Choosing right cause is real pain point

Pain point 3

Recurring & invoice

User need notification before amount is deducted

Pain point 4


Donation process must be easy and straightforward


User Journey Map


Low-fidelity Prototype

Usability Study

Method: Remote online moderated usability study (5 participants each round).
Research goals: I want to figure out what specific difficulties users encounter while using the main functions of the app, for example, searching, customizing, and ordering.
KPIs: Time on task, User error rates.

  • Users need a clear starting place to begin selecting an option
  • User would like the ability to customize bouquet
  • User would benefit from option to get help or ask a question
  • A search/ filter option
  • Categories based on occasions
  • Help/Support option is needed


High-fidelity Prototype

Accessibility Consideration

High Contrast Icons

For navigation on bottom bar navigation text label along with relevant colorful icon are used


Multilingual option is available for the user who doesn’t use english as language

Next Steps

Add Features

Build out more features related to filter and sort the cause available, archived or will be available soon in future

Another Round Usability

Conduct additional user research to determine any new areas of need