Sanjeeb Prajapati
UX Designer

Digital Design Specialist

Help businesses and individuals to get efficient and effective online presence.

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Work I do

I build user-friendly, usable UI for SASS application from scratch. Build eye-catchy landing page for good conversion rates.

Experience of more than 10 Years

Need Creative Professional

I worked for digital agency Mold Studio, established in 2015, Mold Studio is on a mission to help small businesses for their digital design needs and make online presence. Our team of design experts understand that each business is unique and that a one-size-fits-all approach is never an effective solution. We provide personalised and bespoke design strategies for our clients which are focused on helping them to achieve their goals.

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Stems & Petal

Flower Booking App

June ~ July 2022

UX Designer

Stems & Petal Florist app to book and customize bouquet order for different occasion in advance. The app needs to retain regular customer and also need to attract new customers who are very busy to visit the shop but need the way to order bouquet and other flower related products easily.

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Revery Charity

Donation Flow App

June ~ July 2022

UX Designer

Revery Charity is a charity website where it list charity from different parts of world under different categories.

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Nutrition Coaching and planning App

Aug ~ Sept 2022

UX Designer

NutriCoach is a organization that help people plan diet and get best nutrition out of busy schedule. It encourages people eat fresh fruit and vegetable and home cook.

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