Nutrition Coaching and planning App

Aug ~ Sept 2022
UX Designer
NutriCoach is a organization that help people plan diet and get best nutrition out of busy schedule. It encourages people eat fresh fruit and vegetable and home cook. It also help elderly, people with lifestyle disorders like thyroid, diabetes, heart problem, blood pressure and other who have various medical condition develop best dietary plan. The website promotes great health, lifestyle, and living habits for a healthier you. One stop solution to record, monitor food intake and exercise


Even though there are many diet and fitness oriented app, majority don't provide personalized nutrition fact and management system.


  • Nutrition value calculator
  • Great home cook recipe for appetizing and tasty disease that don’t compromise nutrition
  • Track diet and exercise.


User Journey Map


Low-fidelity Prototype

Usability Study

Method: Unmoderated usability study (4 participants each round).
Location: Remote
KPIs: Time on task, User error rates.

  • Users need a simpler signup process
  • Too many recommendation so needed proper filter option
  • Reminder section requires alert via sms when user is not online
  • User would benefit from option to get help or ask a question


High-fidelity Prototype

Accessibility Consideration

High Contrast Icons

For navigation on bottom bar navigation text label along with relevant colorful icon are used


Multilingual option is available for the user who doesn’t use english as language

Next Steps

Fix Issues

Validate and address pain points that are missed

Another Round Usability

Conduct additional user research to determine any new areas of need